In South Africa and abroad, trusts remain one of the most flexible estate planning vehicles for traditional communities and institutions of traditional leadership. They are often vital for the implementation of succession planning, asset protection, philanthropic, tax planning opportunities and estate planning strategies. As a professional trust administrator on a trust we make sure that the trust is administered in accordance with provisions of the trust instruments and South African or International legislations.Our services include:

Trust administration and trusteeships

  • We guide you on the principles of trust law and taxation of trusts and assist you with your trustee responsibilities.
  • We also make sure that the trust complies with applicable laws and that the trust is administered in the best interest of the beneficiaries.
  • We attend to the entire process of trust formations, trust deed verification processes and letter of authority issuing.
  • We ensure that the trust is actively managed and administered so that it will remain valid and continue to provide beneficiaries with the intended benefits. We assist clients to set up:
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Inter vivos (living) trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Vesting and special trusts

Independent Trustee Services-we offer professional and independent trustee services which include:


  • Drafting the agenda and minutes for the yearly trustees meeting.
  • Arranging for signature of the minutes and
  • Implementation of decisions made at the meeting

Yearly Trustee Meeting:

  • Arranging, attend and chair the meeting at our offices

Trust income and expenditure:

  • Monitor and attend to the trust income to be collected and trust payments to be made.

Resolutions for the administration of the trust:

  • Drafting and arranging signature and submission to the master (where necessary)

Distribution to beneficiaries:

  • Verification, FICA and account to each beneficiary for tax compliance purposes.


  • Identifying agreements required for the proper administration of the trust.


  • Appointment of a tax compliance officer for the trust and the updating of asset values on a quarterly basis.

Tax compliance:

  • Appointment of a tax compliance officer for the trust and the updating of asset values on a quarterly basis.


  • Appointment of an accountant that will ensure that accounting records are kept for the trust and that annual financial statements are taken.

Maintenance of the trust:

  • Loan account from the founder/ donor.
  • Minute book and the safe custody of the book.
  • Compliance file and the safe custody of the file.