SAITA offers a range of comprehensive ADR processes and support services. All services are cost effective, user friendly and legally enforceable.


Mediation– We bring to the table best in commercial and traditional customary mediation, with expertise and experience from around Africa. Our Direct Panel Mediators are conducive to resolving even the most intense disputes.

 Types of mediation included:

  • Traditional leadership claims and disputes
  • Reputation management
  • Land ownership, landlord and tenant
  • Distribution agreements
  • Environmental damage
  • Community-based dispute and conflicts over the provision of partnership and service-delivery agreements.
  • Trusts, wills and probate.
  • Planning private clients
  • Regulatory and personal injury claims
  • Electoral compliance and
  •  Intergovernmental relation disputes.

SAITA also provides clients with direct panel that is made up of mediators, many of whom are also able to provide services as facilitators, chairpersons of enquiries and investigations and negotiations or mediation coaches. All panelists have been accredited by one or more of the following organizations:

  • Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council
  • African Center for Effective Disputes Settlement

SAITA Direct panelists may be appointed in two ways:

  • Parties may identify suitable panelists on the listing below, and contact them directly on the e-mail addresses alongside their names for appointment on terms negotiated with the panelist or
  • Parties may contact SAITA by e-mail or telephone and request assistance in the appointment of a panelists on terms agreed with SAITA Direct.
  • Where parties contact SAITA and request assistance in the appointment of a panelist the SAITA client advisor will provide a case management service and appointment of the panelist to the invoicing of the client and payment of the panelist.
  • To hear more about the service that we offer for appointment a panelist or to become a SAITA Direct panelist, please contact our office at or 011 258 8500.

Our panelists are all covered by our professional indemnity insurance when they conduct activities in respect of SAITA appointments. Listed below are of the policies and procedures regulating our practice:

  • Guide to mediation, including tips for preparation
  • Guide to appointing a mediator, fees and terms of business
  • Model agreement to mediate
  • SAITA Direct accreditation requirement
  • Code of conduct to which all SAITA Direct Mediators subscribe
  • Complaints procedure

We also assist clients upon conclusion of mediation, in drafting contracts and settlement agreements which are binding and enforceable in the court of law.

Facilitation– We facilitate everything from stormy community meetings, to AGMs, organizations strategic planning exercises which complete neutrality and objectivity.

Negotiation/Multi-party negotiation– The objective of a negotiation is to guide parties in a conflict and to assist them in finding an amicable solution. We act as negotiators in community disputes, quality and service delivery, contracts and leadership disputes.

Managing meeting– we offer a meeting management service, including facilitating the meeting and provide secretariat services to traditional authorities.


Arbitration– is a legal technique for the resolution of dispute outside the courts. Sometimes when parties simply cannot agree they need a decision rendered for them, but still don’t want to go to court. We have, either on staff or on contract arbitrators, lawyers and a vast array of subject matter experts.

Chairing inquiries– is a process whereby an independent chairperson is appointed to determine an internal matter within an organization.


Dispute systems design– For particularly complex or thorny matters, SAITA can offer parties assistance to design an appropriate process to ensure the fair, efficient and cost-effective resolution of the matter.

Forensic investigations– these services are aimed to provide scientific scrutiny of evidence to assist parties to determine a way forward.

Verification and balloting– a verification exercise conducted to establish on a factual basis, the representation or numbers of members of one or more organization. SAITA also offers independent balloting services for a smooth and credible election processes.